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Successful Collaboration is the Result
of Reciprocally Realized Expectations

"The only joy in the world is to begin."
         _Caesar Pavese

"I know if I did not write
death would not do it for me.
         _Carlos Fuentes

  • Want to actualize your creative, critical and commercial potential with an existing project or an envisioned one?
  • Wish to transform an idea or story concept into a completed screenplay ready for submission?
  • Is your story of stories stalled at the level of concept or mired in manuscript?

If so, I can help you achieve your goal.

My reason for creating this website is to help you actualize your creative potential.

Sharing what I have learned about the craft of writing from my own mentors, American poet laureate Mark Strand and French literary genius Roland Barthes, I am committed to being a catalyst to you and your writing.

I deal with all aspects of the creative process. Whether you wish to transform an idea or story concept into a completed manuscript or screenplay ready for submission, or perfect an existing work, I can provide creative and critical skills to transform your dream into a published book or produced screenplay.

Never before has the manuscript and screenplay query process been so fiercely competitive. Once a manuscript or script is ready for submission, I can provide an effective strategy for getting your material read and represented.

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