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Concept to Completion

My Concept to Completion mentoring service is a bridge enabling writers at any stage of their craft to cross over to the screenplays, stories, memoirs, novels and poems awaiting their arrival. The service includes brainstorming, concept origination, structural and plot development, through to preparing a submission-ready screenplay or prose manuscript.


It may be true that each of us contains an unwritten book. The challenge is to get it out in the world. I have worked with individuals who wish to tell their “story of stories” without having the time or desire to write it. Through my ghostwriting skills, I have been the catalyst for numerous completed memoirs, novels, and non-fiction works.

Too many people with unique experiences forgo their transformation into books by “talking out” their experiences as raconteurs satisfied with the immediate and temporary response of a listening audience – rather than writing the story only they can tell, and earn the long-term recognition, rewards and respect of readers removed in time and space. As a ghostwriter, I can also tape recollections, transcribe them and organize the material into a publishable manuscript.

Screenplay Analysis, Adaptation and Reread

Committed to helping screenwriters transform their experience, lived or imagined, into aesthetically and professionally realized screenplays, I work at all levels of the screenplay process, from theme inception through the transformational process of three-act structure and character analysis, all the while focusing on such dramatic aspects as conflict, reversal, the role of minor characters, the nuances of individualized dialogue, and the creative freedom attendant within the responsibility of form. Additionally, I follow through with assistance on submission components including Pitch, Log-line, Synopsis and Query Letter.

  • Analysis includes extensive notes and commentary either through phone consultations or by e-mail.
  • Screenplay Revision provides extensive notes.
  • Manuscript Adaptation to Screenplay includes step-by-step transformation.
Prose Manuscript Evaluation

I offer comprehensive manuscript evaluation for fiction and non-fiction alike, for writers wanting to tell their story or those who sense something static or missing inside their work. I provide specific and effective evaluations at all stages of the process and am particularly interested in working with writers struggling to transform the language of self into the self of language.

Oral Idea Analysis
A writer pitches a script or book idea which we will discuss and analyze. One hour duration.

Story Outline or First Five Pages

Analysis of your first five pages or outline of your script or book. This component includes a 30-minute consultation by phone or in person or up to four emails.

Additional Consulting

I also assist writers in honing a pitch, log-line, synopsis and query letter. Additionally, I can trouble-shoot a completed manuscript or screenplay to detect “blind spots” the writer can’t see but which queried editors and producers immediately spot.

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Fees are determined on an individual project basis.

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